What to Buy Review | Footsie Bath Footbath Plus Spa

It’s not your ordinary footbath. The Footsie Bath Footbath Plus Spa is an “open concept” that accommodates just about everyone’s feet. There’s no separation in the middle.


My first physical encounter with this product was at beauty school as a nail technician student. And we had the opportunity to use this convenient and efficient footbath to do pedicures.

It eliminated the need and time to clean a foot spa while dismissing our clients’ sanitation concerns. In contrast, regular whirlpools and other foot baths were more time consuming.

After graduating, I decided to purchase one for myself, and secured one right away. That was 2012!

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Overall Features | Just the Basics

Name: Footsie Bath Footbath Plus Spa

Sold By: Amazon

Price: The price is subject to change.

Manufacturer: Footsie Bath

Color: Black

Overall Rank: 10 out of 10 (My personal ranking!)

Footsie Bath Footbath Plus Spa | Product Overview

Top 10 features:

  1. Wide, 6″ deep bucket with no partition in the middle
  2. And disposable liner
  3. Also a basket to hold the liner
  4. Durable material
  5. And Lightweight
  6. Heat only setting to maintain the temperature of the water you begin with.
  7. Vibrate only setting
  8. In addition to heat and vibrate setting
  9. Plus retractable cord
  10. You also get complimentary liners!


Take a look at the benefits:

  1. A wide and deep bucket with no partition in the middle accommodates most size feet comfortably.
  2. And disposable liners eliminate the need to sanitize between users. As a result, everyone gets a liner without the fear of being infected. And, it saves time too!
  3. The basket holds the liner in place, so this makes it easy to carry when filled with water.
  4. A sturdy material lengthens the life of your footbath. That is true if it is handle with care.
  5. And, there’s no need to strain your back with a heavy unit because this lightweight product is compact for your comfort.
  6. Fill the liner with water at the temperature you want. Subsequently, it will maintain that temperature with the heat setting. Cold water will NOT magically get hot.
  7. The vibrate only setting will provide you with a delightful spa-like experience.
  8. Keep the temperature stable while enjoying the vibration for a therapeutic effect.
  9. No one likes to have cumbersome cords hanging around when a gadget is not in use. For that reason, your Footsie Bath cord is retractable at the base.
  10. Finally, test drive your product right away with complimentary liners. In that case, you don’t have to purchase those immediately!

Here’s a bonus…

The Footsie Bath Foot Spa has won multiple awards for its design and functionality.

Who Gets This? | You, for Your Salon or Home.

Are you the owner of a salon or spa or thinking of going into business for yourself? Or maybe you want to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home just because you can.

Yes, you can own this! It’s versatile enough to be used wherever you choose to because it’s portability as a stand-alone footbath. And, if you operate a mobile pedicure salon, this is perfect for you on the go.

Some beauty schools, salon and spa owners enclose their footbath as part of the pedicure chair and footrest. This makes it convenient when portability is not your objective.

Not only that, it’s more compact and time saving than a traditional foot spa with the same effectiveness.

Add whatever you like to enhance the experience for yourself or your clients. That’s because it eliminates the excessive cleaning and scrubbing afterwards.

What Others Are Saying | Footsie Bath Reviews

The Footsie Bath Footbath gets a 4.2 out of 5 rating on Amazon.com by other purchasers. Some comments are:


  • It works well with a professional pedicure chair.
  • Furthermore, you can use whatever additives for a spa experience.
  • And there are no jets to get clogged.
  • The liners make it more sanitary than a traditional foot spa or home footbath.
  • And the basket keeps the liner stable.
  • Also, the bucket is a good size.


  • Heating isn’t effective. (This is not accurate as the instruction clearly states starting with the right temperature suitable to you. And the heat setting will maintain the heat throughout the service.)
  • Also, it’s pricey.

I personally have no issue whatsoever with this product, and I’m very pleased with it.


Footsie Bath Footbath | Is It Right for You?

Let me recap…

This footbath spa is convenient in several ways for home, salon, or spa. There is a great concern about sanitation in a setting where several people are using the same item for their pedicure needs.

The design, functionality, and ease of using this product take away the fear. Therefore, clients will return to pamper their feet. Also, caring for your feet at home has become less cumbersome than using a regular footbath.

Most importantly, pay attention to instructions on any product you are buying, as this could help to prevent disappointments. For example, the heat setting works ONLY with keeping water at the right temperature to start with.

Is the Footsie Bath Footbath right for you? You decide. CLICK HERE to head over to Amazon.com for more details and to make your purchase.

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.)

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